Inspection Types

Types of home inspections offered:

Buyers Full Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is the most common type of home inspection that is initiated by the buyer. Generally, when inspecting a home, we will be looking for the following:

  • Structural Soundness:  Are there squeaks, leaks, cracks?
  • Safety Issues: Are there any features of the home that may effect the safety of the occupants?
  • Maintenance:  Are the major appliances new or in need of  replacement?  What does the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems look like?  Does the home look like it’s been well maintained and updated?

Our extensive report includes digital photographs that document every major component of the the home.

Sellers Full Inspection

A pre-listing inspection following all the standard inspection practices will be tailored to identify potential defects that may effect the purchase price of your home.  Suggestions will be offered that could greatly enhance your final negotiated selling price.

Buyers or Sellers Pre-Inspection

Our pre-inspection service is typically provided for sellers or buyers on tight schedules.  Frequently, these are properties with multiple offer situations. This is an hourly service based on the needs of the client and the property to be inspected.  Typically, photographs without written documentation are provided, but written summaries can be included as well. Once an offer is accepted, it is recommended that buyers consider completion of a full inspection to cover their bases before they own an expensive problem.

Owners Warranty Inspection

This inspection is provided for new home owners as protection prior to the expiration of their home warranty. We make every effort to see that you get the value that you paid for in purchasing your new home.  If there are problems, we carefully document them with photos and written descriptions.


Sewer Inspection

The time to find out if a sewer is faulty or needs replacement is before buying a home, not after the fact. Very few first-time home buyers ask for a sewer inspection before buying a home. They know to get a home inspection, but sewer lines are almost an after-thought. Yet it can be one of the most important inspections a buyer of especially older homes should conduct.

Sewer scope inspection services can be arranged to inspect the structural integrity or possible obstructions of the home sewer system. This service typically runs about $275, which includes our markup to cover scheduling and overhead fees. We will be happy to provide contact information should you desire to directly hire a sewer inspector.


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